Responsibilities of a Home Inspector

If you have seen the perfect house for sale either in Chattanooga or any other place in America, you should not rush to purchase. You are recommended to have a home inspection process undertaken that should provide you with detailed information about the condition of the home. This is usually performed by a home inspector who might be attached to a real estate agent or even might be working on their own.

Home inspectors ply their trade in accordance with the laws of the state. Therefore, they act accordingly to provide you with useful information about the condition of the home. It is their responsibility to provide all the useful information that you should know about before you purchase the home. If they don’t, they might face serious consequences and might even lose their licenses if authorities are involved.

The roles of a home inspector

The home inspectors in Chattanooga should be able to;

i. Give their client a contract for them to sign (which is before the home inspection process)- the contract shows that the process of the home inspection is done according to the relevant standards

ii. They should then inspect the home, which should be readily visible and accessible by the home inspector

iii. Indicate the components of the home that need to be inspected and if others were not inspected they should state the reason for this

iv. State what components of the home they inspected and found not to be in the best condition and if they are affected with wear and tear, they should state if it’s normal or not

v. They should indicate if any of the components need to be repaired or renovated

vi. They should also state if any of the components of the building would need a specialist to come through and use their expertise and give their thoughts from a professional aspect

vii. They should provide details of the people conducting the home inspection- their name, license information, and their signatures

viii. They should also give their client a clear and concise report after the home inspection service

You should be aware that the home inspector’s actions are guided by the standards of the American Society of Home Inspection. The central figure should cover you if the home inspector you hired was not able to disclose user information about a house on sale. If this might have misled you to purchase the home, you could even take them to court and sue them for their lack of professionalism.

Bottom line

In Chattanooga, most of the home inspectors are attached to a real estate firm and this makes it a win-win for you. The fact is that the real estate agency you are working with would not want to sell to you a house in poor condition as they would want to maintain their reputation and save their face from public embarrassment. That is why before you purchase any house, a qualified home inspector should be your close consultant.

Author: Chief Inspector