Pros and cons of selling a home during summer

You might have waited too long until its winter and you would want to make a sale for your home. Many people discourage this but if you consult your professional real estate agency in Chattanooga, you might still be able to get the best out of your sale during this time of the year.

You should know that the seasons in a year in this country affect the listings of the homes that are being sold. Therefore, you should be wise when you list your home for sale and at what price you would want to sell it. The seasons are a major factor for the competition rate of selling homes because the homes get affected in different ways all through winter, spring, summer, and fall.

For instance, some areas are intensely affected with snow during the winter and this makes them sell at a lower rate. On the other hand, during the summer, there is cut-throat competition for homes in neighborhoods close to schools and this provides an opportunity for you to sell your home at a fairly higher price than during any time of the year. Some of the benefits that you might surprisingly get if you wait until summer to list your home include;

Benefits of listing your home during summer

Summer provides suitable conditions for potential buyers to make a visit to a variety of homes that they may wish to buy. This is because the days are much longer and you can predict the weather. This provides you with an opportunity to meet a good number of potential buyers and your chances of making a much beneficial sale are improved. Probably one of them would be willing a significantly greater price than what you had wanted for the home in the first place.

During the summer families will be in a sort of rush as they would want to move into their new homes and get their children into new learning institutions. Therefore, you will deal with a number of serious buyers that would be willing to pay whatever price for a new home in the neighborhood for them to settle in as soon as they could.

Summer comes after spring and you would have an idea of the price listings of similar homes from the data provided on the sale of homes during spring. This should provide you with an idea of how to properly rate the price of the home you want to sell. A price that is too expensive might discourage buyers from even coming to inspect the home. You could also have a home inspection service done so that you are advised on the repairs and renovations that should be done before you proceed with the sale.

Bottom line

Some of the cons are that during the summer it gets too hot and buyers may not spend too much time searching for houses. Competition might get to its fiercest during this time because buyers will demand more house features before they eventually buy the house.


Author: Nicole Anthony